What we do


 GC Migration is based in the Southeast side of Australia, Gold Coast, and offers a Initial Service of Pre-Selection – The Personalised Consultation – which consists on the following steps:

1) You send us your updated Curriculum Vitae and a Presentation Letter via email, explaining about your plans on migrating to Australia Permanently or Temporarily; OR you briefly explain your situation via e-mail or by phone

2) You send us copies of the first two pages of your passport

3) We arrange a date for your 1-hour Consultation Face to Face or via Skype, where I will present and explain all your current and future Visa Options

4) After Consultation we will provide you with a Report letter with several STRATEGIES according to each option given, so you know exactly what to do when you decide to start with your process.

The great part of that process is that you don’t leave the room with a Question Mark in your head and it’s then up to you to start your process.

On your letter we recommend you mention the following items to help us help you:

• When you intend to Migrate?

• How do you believe you can migrate? (or if you have no idea we ask you to include that in your letter.)

• Who would migrate with you? (or if you’re migrating alone also mention it).

• Where would you prefer to go in Australia to set up your roots?(or it wouldn’t matter to you)

• Would you like to be given a Study Pathway in Australia, in order to achieve your goal in case you don’t meet the basic requirements for any of the available visas?

On this Personalised Consultation, you will have a clear idea of how to migrate, when to migrate and who you may bring with you.

INITIAL INVESTMENT – AUD$200 (we may also provide the amount in $BRL in case you are in Brasil and prefer to pay it through a simple bank transference).


GC Migration believes in the Personal Contact, Personalised service and in your dream coming true!


After this Personalised Consultation, and after we have together chosen the best way for you to migrate to Australia, we offer you an Application Service, which consists in preparing and applying for your visa.


Our fees are flexible and accessible and GC Migration is always available to take ALL your doubts and answer to ALL your questions.


Start your process today and come to this paradise to start a new life.


Open your eyes to a new future!

Please contact us for an initial consultation to see whether we can help you come to this wonderful country.
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