PTE – English Test


The Pearson Test of English – Academic (PTE-A) is an English language proficiency test aimed at students intending to progress into universities or other academic institutions.


• PTE-A is recognised by more than 3000 institutions world-wide and approved for Australian and UK student visas

• Register online 48 hours in advance

• A single 3 hour computer based exam which covers all skills areas

• Results available within 5 working days



Why study PTE-A Preparation?


PTE Pearson Test of English is a highly regarded Academic test (PTE-A) which has started to be accepted for Immigration Purposes (same way as IELTs test). We prepare the student who needs a high score on an English Language requirement for his Visa Process. The PTE provides an accurate measure of international students’ communication skills in an academic context.



Course content


Reading – students learn to use a wider range of reading skills and have a greater understanding of more academic vocabulary in a variety of written texts of academic interest.


Writing – students learn to structure and organise writing better in order to clearly present and connect ideas. They improve their ability to accurately produce more complex grammar structures and use a wider range of vocabulary in order to respond to academic questions.


Listening – students develop a wider range of listening skills to improve overall comprehension, understand specific information and infer meaning and opinion. They develop a greater understanding of academic vocabulary and grammar in spoken conversations and monologues.


Speaking – students improve their ability to speak with less hesitation, repetition and self-correction and accurately produce a wider range of vocabulary to talk about academic topics. They begin to produce more complex sentences and develop pronunciation, especially sentence stress and intonation.


Test-Taking Strategies – students practice using a range of test-taking tips and strategies to help them perform better in the different integrated task types within each part of the Pearson Academic test.

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