About Us

How do we differ from other Migration Agents?

GC Migration is moved by helping you achieve your dreams, even before you have dreamed about it!


At GC Migration we provide you with all Information you need and give you a full guidance on the Temporary and Permanent Visas to come to Australia.


Australia is one of the only countries that still offers its door opened to Migrants from all over the globe and offers them the possibility of a Temporary Resident Visa with the choice of transitioning into a Permanent Resident Visa in the long term or a Direct Stream Permanent Visa, applying OFFSHORE or ONSHORE. The options for these visas are vast and they don’t limit to only the assessment of your qualification and work experience. There are many different other possibilities available so you can achieve your goals and move Permanently to Australia.


The most important is to recognize which one better applies to your life style and current and future living situation.

Please contact us for an initial consultation to see whether we can help you come to this wonderful country.
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